nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa

Save $10 a month & you may have just lost $123,474 or more

I read with disgust a person’s claim that they are “… educating consumers about making the right choice about their financial planning…”.  However, all they ever talk about is how cheap they are compared to their competitors, blah, blah, blah…

Is premium the most important thing when you are buying insurance?
You will be shocked only to find out that it’s too late.
Shouldn’t the coverage, terms and conditions (a.k.a. ) be more important?

2 Questions You NEED TO ASK!

1) What is the Definition of Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”)?
While there is no difference in the definition of Death and Critical Illnesses (since the standardization) from 1 company to another, the definition of TPD surely differs. Generally, to be considered for TPD claim, the insurance companies have a set of TPD definition. One occurance (to…

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